Besselink & Jones


Besselink and Jones’ roots extend back more than sixty years with the foundation of Jack Cadman’s original ceramic conversion and brass turning workshops in Surrey.

Hank Besselink, who came from a precision engineering background, began working alongside Jack to develop new designs and techniques.

Nearly a decade later, Hank formed a partnership with designer and accomplished artist Nigel Jones and so Besselink and Jones was born. As with all the best collaborations, our founders brought together contrasting but entirely complementary skills. What they had in common was a desire to create exquisite lighting of the highest calibre. A renewed passion for engineering decorative pieces, which combined the very best of English design and craftsmanship together with a painstaking eye for detail, paid considerable dividends. The initial Besselink and Jones commission was for some stylish library lights destined for Windsor Castle. The Besselink and Jones reputation was growing steadily.

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